What is the RTD Beverage Trend in 2023?

Do you feel thirsty? Why not pick up a ready-to-drink (RTD) beverage? RTDs are popular in the consumer market, and you have plenty of choices to satisfy your thirst and taste buds. The RTD market offers plenty of options, from energy drinks to fermented and infused beverages. So, what is the RTD beverage trend in 2023? What are people drinking, and what’s the biggest RTD craze of the year?

What is the RTD Beverage Trend in 2023?

Relax with CBD-Infused RTD Beverages

CBD has become a household name over the last five years, with cannabidiol showing up in products ranging from muscle-relaxing creams to gummy bears. However, the last few years saw the introduction of CBD-infused beverages.

CBD ready-to-drink beverages don’t make you “high” like smoking cannabis. CBD is a non-psychoactive substance that has a subtle calming effect on the mind and body rather than leaving you feeling inebriated. In fact, CBD-infused drinks offer neuroprotective properties for your brain, supporting and regulating memory and mood.

If you’re looking for the top-seller in 2023, try TRIP CBD-infused flavored water or CBD-infused Cola from Vita Coca.

Fermented RTD Beverages Capture the Health Market

Gut health is another rising trend in the health and fitness community. We have trillions of microbiomes living in our GI tract. The biomes help digest food, shuttle nutrients to physiological systems, and manage your immune system.
A mountain of evidence shows fermented beverages and foods are good for your gut. By keeping your microbiome in good shape, you reduce systemic inflammation in all areas of the body, improving your quality of life and overall well-being.

Fermented RTDs continue to rise in popularity and are set to become a billion-dollar industry in 2023. There are many several fermented ready-to-drink products from leading brands. We recommend trying water kefir as an alternative to kombucha, or the fermented soda, Tepache from the Mexican soda company.

RTD Bubble Tea Is Here to Stay

Bubble tea isn’t new in Eastern countries like Taiwan, China, and Japan. However, bubble tea is relatively new to the West and is rapidly expanding across demographics. Gen Z loves bubble tea, and it’s sure to be another RTD trend on the rise in 2023.

Analysts expect the global bubble tea market to rise from $2 billion in 2023 to $4.3 billion in 2027. With over 200 flavor combinations, what makes this drink so unique and popular is the addition of fruit jelly or tapioca bubbles. Bubble tea appeals to millennials and Gen Zs looking to maintain their health while also enjoying a delicious beverage.

Learn more about the origins of boba tea, and what makes the RTD beverage so popular.

Celebrity & Influencer RTDs

The biggest RTD beverage hype in 2023 came from two influencers, Logan Paul and KSI. The duo released their range of RTDs called Prime in 2022, experiencing wild success. Stores would sell out in minutes of putting the RTD beverage on shelves, and the reaction in the UK and the USA has been overwhelmingly positive.

Not only is Prime the biggest RTD brand of 2023, but it’s also one of the fastest-growing brands across the entire industry. 2023 looks to be a huge year for Prime, with the brand stretching beyond its borders to get the RTD beverage in stores across the globe.

Prime continues to grab market share from competitors like Powerade and Gatorade. Paul and KSI are natural marketing geniuses, and the brand experienced fast adoption in the market thanks to the duo’s never-ending social media promotion of the brand.

Prime is an example of an influencer-built RTD brand. However, endorsing RTD beverages is not new to celebrities. Other actors receiving sponsorships from leading RTD brands include Jennifer Aniston’s endorsement of Smart Water and George Clooney’s promotion of the Nespresso brand.

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