Dry Powder Blending & Packaging

A Full Line of Packaging Solutions

Fortress Nutrition provides a full line of packaging solutions for our customers including super sacks, bulk bags, 5-55# multi-wall bags, preformed gusseted and flat film pouches, retail-size single serve sachets & tubs. Fortress Nutrition can handle most packaging needs. Hygienic packaging suites, dust collection, x-ray and metal detection along with strict allergen controls ensures your products integrity and readiness for D2C or Business to Business distribution. Vertical Integration into Fortress Nutrition fulfillment and distribution systems ensures ultimate cost savings and controls for our clients.

Packaging Solutions

Custom Designed Blending & Packaging Equipment

Fortress Nutrition has the right blending & packaging equipment to deliver your custom product efficiently and with a high level of consistency. We specialize in vitamin, mineral and herbal blends, meal replacements and drink powders. Regardless of the type, we can blend any other food powder our clients may require. State of the art positive pressure blending & packaging suites with individualized air handling systems PER suite virtually eliminates the risk of allergen cross-contamination and all suites are equipped with metal detection and x-ray capabilities.

  • Large Batch Ribbon & Paddle Blending
  • Kraft Bag & Supersack Filling
  • Preformed Pouch Filling
  • High Speed Horizontal Form Fill and Seal
  • Canister Filling – Various Sizes
  • Immediate Prep for D2C or B2B Fulfillment

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