RTD Beverage Manufacturing

Fortress Nutrition’s state of the art filling services produce canned beverages across a wide variety of non-alcoholic and alcoholic categories, including energy drinks, teas, functional beverages, sports drinks, sparkling waters, cocktails, hard seltzers, mocktails and many more.

  • Fully Automated Krones Canning Equipment
  • Up to 36,000 cans/hr
  • 7.5, 8 and 12oz Sleek Cans
  • 8, 12, 16 and 19.2oz Standard Cans
  • In-line steam shrink Sleeving
  • Still through Hyper Carbonation Level capability (+4 cu)
  • Cold Fill
  • Flash Pasteurization Services
  • RO and Blue UV Water Purification
  • Segregated Blending & Batching Equipment
  • Nitrogen Dosing
  • Loose Tray and In-line Carton Packaging from 4 through 24-pack
  • Automated Variety Packing
  • Onboard Anton Par, DO, TA, Brix and CU Level Testing of Beverages
Canning Line
Canning Line

Water Is Your Most Important Ingredient

The Great Lakes
Fortress Nutrition’s purified water is the cleanest and neutral tasting you’ll find. With over 90% of any canned beverage being water, it’s crucial to choose the best water source. Don’t settle for municipal tap water in your canned beverage. Elevate your taste buds and revenue. Choose Fortress Nutrition for your next beverage contract manufacturing needs.
Canning Line