What Do You Drink to Toast on New Years?

Are you planning to host a New Year’s party? You’ll want to make sure you have the right drinks in stock to wow your guests. New Year’s celebrations have always been much more flexible than Christmas celebrations, so you might not be quite sure what type of drink to serve – and toast to! Let us help.

What Do You Drink to Toast on New Years?

History and Traditions

People have been celebrating the arrival of the New Year with alcohol since the Roman days. However, the types of drinks served have changed drastically over the years. Champagne has been a popular beverage to quite literally pop open when the clock strikes midnight since the late 1800s, however.

It didn’t become the go-to option until about 1920, but the tradition of celebrating the New Year by popping a champagne bottle open has stayed alive ever since. The tradition started in France and soon spread all over the world. Something about that festive pop helps us usher in the New Year and the fresh start it represents. Popping open a bottle of champagne accompanies fireworks and loud music perfectly.

Party hosts who don’t want to serve champagne but who want to keep the tradition alive could also opt for a good Prosecco wine, which will still give you that pop everyone desires.

There’s No Need to Stick to Champagne!

If you’re hosting a New Year’s party, it’s always a good idea to have champagne on hand. Someone will ask for it, and most will enjoy this festive drink.

Feel free to branch out a little, though — New Year’s celebrations are notoriously fun, and most party guests will be grateful if you serve more exciting drinks, too.

The best drinks to serve just before midnight include:

The drinks you serve at a New Year’s party should be tailored to the guest list. While nearly everyone enjoys champagne, younger and more casual audiences are more likely to remember the fancy, festive cocktails you serve.

How To Make a New Year’s Toast

Some New Year’s party hosts look up traditional toasts made by historical figures like Ben Franklin. Others write their own elaborate toasts. Reading the room and saying something short that you think will go down well with the guests in the moment may be a better option for casual New Year’s celebrations, though!

Your New Year’s toast can be as straightforward as “let’s hope the next year won’t suck” or as simple as “Happy New Year!”

If you do it right, nobody will remember your exact words. They’ll just remember the fun they had at your New Year’s celebration (and the drinks) and look forward to the next party.

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