What Are Spirit-Based Drinks?

Spirit-based drinks are one of the most popular things adults can pour into a glass or order from their bartender. But what exactly are spirit-based drinks? What makes a spirit drink different from the average drink that isn’t classified as a spirit – like any number of coolers or beers on the market?

Spirit drinks are stronger than non-spirit drinks, and they are distilled rather than fermented like other drinks such as beer or wine.

What Are Spirit-Based Drinks?

Here’s a quick guide to what spirit-based drinks are, and a look at some of the best-selling spirit drink brands in the United States and around the world.

What’s a Spirit?

Spirits are alcoholic beverages that are created using a distillation process, whereas everything else on the market is alcoholic drinks made via a process known as fermentation. Unlike distillation, fermentation requires yeast. Distillation, on the other hand, requires a more complicated setup and more time and care from its creator.

Distilled spirits are usually stronger than fermented beverages. Also, distilled drinks are typically clear rather than bubbly. This isn’t their only difference, but it’s one way in which you can tell what drink you’re about to order at a bar.

Many classic cocktails or mixed drinks that you order off a menu are made with a combination of different ingredients and several spirits. Fermented drinks are not usually the first choice for cocktails, though a few exceptions exist.

The World’s Best Selling Spirits

The global alcohol market is worth billions, and spirits make up a large percentage of this market. It’s because spirits are desirable, and there are million-and-one things that you can do with a good spirit drink – from cooking to cocktails. Generally, if you’re buying a spirit-based drink, you want to buy something high or mid-range. Low-priced spirit drinks can be cheaply made or filtered. Oftentimes, they never quite taste as good in practicality as the real thing.

According to world sales, spirit brand Jinro has ranked as the number one best-seller on the market. More than 78 million cases per year get sold all over the world. Smirnoff is also one of the world’s top spirit brands in the world. However, Smirnoff is also one of the most commonly counterfeit drinks in the world.

While you don’t have to buy from the top shelf when purchasing spirits, buy a recognizable and popular spirit brand. If you are a new drinker who is still finding your individual tastes between the different spirit options out there, we definitely recommend this tip.

Spirits By Alcohol Content

In order to be called a spirit, the alcohol concentration of a drink has to be ranked at least 15%. Spirits are traditionally stronger than other fermented forms of alcohol, which measure much lower in alcohol content percentage than this.

Most of the traditional spirits on the market are marked just above 15%, though not much. Some brands are the exception, and you are always encouraged to check the ABV when you buy. Clarkes Court Spiced Rum might not sound like much, but it’s one of the highest proofs in the world – measured at 69% alcohol by volume.

If you aren’t sure about the strength of your spirit-based drink, check. Remember that things like price and color cannot indicate the strength of alcohol. Checking the label is the best way to know. The manufacturer or maker’s website will almost always contain the information that you need to know.

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