How Big is the Carbonated Beverage Market?

The carbonated beverage market is worth billions of dollars. In fact, carbonated beverages are one of the hottest-selling items worldwide, and they do so much more than just quench your thirst. How much money is behind the carbonated beverage as a whole, and just what exactly is a carbonated beverage? Here’s your quick guide to the carbonated beverage market.

How Big is the Carbonated Beverage Market?

Legally, What’s a Carbonated Beverage?

Not surprisingly, there’s a legal definition for what a carbonated beverage is allowed to be (versus what it’s not). In order to be legally classified as a carbonated beverage, carbon dioxide must be forced into the mixture during the creation process. Carbonated beverages include most types of soda, some types of carbonated milk drinks, as well as energy drinks.

Generally, the carbonated beverage market does not include beers or alcoholic drinks; these are measured on their own.

The Value of the Carbonated Beverage Market

The total size of the beverage market was estimated to be around $406 billion in 2019. This contains several markets and companies. In 2021, the carbonated beverage market was valued at $237 billion.

Market experts say that the carbonated drinks market is expected to grow by 4.90% from 2022-to 2027, resulting in a market volume of $423.40bn in 2027.

Contributing Factors

The carbonated beverage market is worth so much money due to the fact that there are many prominent players in the industry. Also, carbonated beverages are one of the most popular consumer items in the entire world. There isn’t a bar or store in the world that doesn’t have a carbonated beverage.

Can you really imagine the scope of how many drinks (and energy drinks) companies sell, considering these facts?

Carbonated beverages are not just popular in parts of the world that experience higher temperatures. Coca-Cola, Fanta, Red Bull, and many other carbonated beverages are popular across the entire world, all year round.

How Much is the Coca-Cola Company Worth?

When you look at the total scope of how much the carbonated beverage market is worth, it takes it helps to understand just why the market is worth so much. The Coca-Cola company has a large share in the carbonated beverage space and has a lot to do with it. This major market player licenses and manufactures hundreds of different types of carbonated drinks worldwide.

The Coca-Cola company is estimated to be worth at least $230 billion.

What About Red Bull

Red Bull is also a large player in the carbonated beverage industry. Red Bull is estimated to be worth approximately $25 billion – and its products are only growing in demand as Red Bull sponsors (and sells) more of its products each year.

Put together, Red Bull and Coca-Cola dominate the already-large carbonated beverage industry – though more companies are popping up every year, each taking a slice of the pie.

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